Drummer & composer Robbert van Hulzen enjoys playing somewhere in the full-colour twilight of improvisation, rock, and new music, with echoes from India and Indonesia. He enjoys playing meticulously prepared percussion parts as much as exploring the sound possibilities of a relatively standard drum kit and working with dance and theatre.

Current projects include impro-indie-folk band Horse In Me, worldjazz trio Begmut, a duo with storyteller Martin Voorbij, contemporary gamelan ensemble Gending, and his ongoing project elephant songs, for which he finds musicians between his native Low Countries and the Indian Subcontinent.
In the past, he worked with many different groups and projects, including gallery jazz trio oto.3, the English composer/producer Nitin Sawhney, mathpunk band Lola Montez, klezmer band Švejk, multimedia wizard Merlijn Twaalfhoven, and abstract folk duo Rara Avis. He studied musicology at the University of Amsterdam, and drums and performance with Steve Clover, MT Rajakesari, BC Manjunath, and Rafael Reina (at the Amsterdam Conservatory), and played in venues varying from the Royal Albert Hall to Iranian underground galleries.

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  • into africa with ahaddaf (5/17/2014) - Poolside in the Chams Hotel, waiting to go to our soundcheck. Whilst Amsterdam seems to have resolutely entered summer, the aforementioned chams – sun in Arabic – is hiding behind a thick layer of dark grey clouds here in Tetouan, on the north coast of Morocco ...
  • meanwhile, in the hot & dusty south… (2/1/2014) - When I switched on the wifi on my computer, it didn’t find a single network in the centre of Vellore, a middle-sized town in the hot and dusty plains of Tamil Nadu. Some things in South India do not change, it seems. Women with turmeric-yellow palms and faces, cows roaming the street, men urinating on the the pavement ...
  • elephant songs in suleymaniyah (1/11/2014) - October 2013 saw another episode of Elephant Songs, my ongoing project in which musicians from different backgrounds meet and create original music together. This time, the backdrop was Suleymaniyah, the economic heart of Iraqi Kurdistan ...

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