c o n t e m p o r a r y   c o m p o s i t i o n s   i n   s o u n d

the music of oto.3 is based on sound – rather than rhythm, harmony, melody.

dutch born, chennai based saxophonist and composer maarten visser organises the structures, ideas and developments in sound, and works them out with electric bass violinist holger jetter and drummer robbert van hulzen. the music they create together they create offers ample space for the musicians to make their own musical plan, manipulate the score, improvise.

music with a constant tension between sound and silence, notes and noise, between structure and freedom.


poems (2014)

otolok (2011)

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view or download the otolok flyer

favorist, 11 may 2013, residency at maarten’s parents’ house

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past shows

Date City Venue
15 February 2014 5:30pm global isai festival, oto.3 in chennai
this year’s isai festival will be held at phoenix marketcity
1 February 2014 9:00pm counterculture, oto.3 in whitefield
16 May 2013 8:30pm vrooom, oto.3 in rotterdam
4 May 2013 4:00pm roodbol, oto.3 in gouda
25 February 2012 7:00pm private garden, oto.3 in chennai
19 February 2012 5:00pm fireflies, oto.3 in bangalore
20 December 2011 8:00pm focus art gallery, oto.3 in chennai
Address: #11, bishop wallers avenue (south), alwarpet
26 November 2011 7:30pm plantation house, oto.3 in bangalore
Address: leela palace
13 May 2011 3:00pm glazen huis, amstelpark, oto.3 in amsterdam
12 May 2011 8:00pm delicatessen zeeburg, oto.3 in amsterdam
Address: sumatrastraat 32
probably sharing the evening with sleep gunner (jeroen kimman & mark morse)
10 May 2011 8:30pm badcuyp, oto.3 in amsterdam
karnatic lab
8 May 2011 3:00pm museum gouda, oto.3 in gouda
Address: achter de kerk 14
5 February 2011 7:00pm amethyst, oto.3 in chennai
27 January 2011 8:00pm shisha café, oto.3 in pune
26 January 2011 6:00pm waves gallery, oto.3 in pune
25 January 2011 7:00pm apparao gallery, oto.3 in bangalore
21 January 2011 6:30pm apparao gallery, oto.3 in new delhi
11 January 2011 8:00pm pitanga, oto.3 in auroville
10 January 2011 8:30pm aurodhan gallery, oto.3 in pondicherry
8 January 2011 7:00pm cholamandala gallery, oto.3 in chennai
7 January 2011 7:00pm apparao gallery, oto.3 in chennai

otolok, 13 may 2011 @ glazen huis, amsterdam

s.t., 13 may 2011 @ glazen huis, amsterdam

rye, 10 may 2011 @ karnatic lab, badcuyp, amsterdam