Klei shows the metamorphosis of daily life—objects, a body, clay, regular sounds—into something new, something different. Showing the power of creativity and physicality, the magic of transformation. Chiara Monteverde explores the many shapes & states clay can have. Where does destruction end and creation begin? We can become whatever we would like to be and we can project ourselves wherever we would like to be by playing with our creativity and our dreams—to build and destroy again and again, as many times as we want, at the same time, in the same space. The performance is supported and counterpointed by original electronic music, performed live: songs created from daily life sounds (recorded by Robbert van Hulzen himself as well as by friends and strangers, during the lockdown of spring 2020), and sounds from the performance itself.

Click here for a (password-protected) page for professionals (bookers etc).

upcoming shows

no upcoming shows at the moment

past shows

Date City Venue
9 September
ndsm treehouse amsterdam
8 September
ndsm treehouse amsterdam
7 September
ndsm treehouse amsterdam
6 September
ndsm treehouse amsterdam
23 October
united-c eindhoven
22 October
united-c eindhoven
3 June
maxima brussels
part of artist commons’ exquisite mail 1.2

6 December
cunst-link brussels