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elephant songs in suleymaniyah

October 2013 saw another episode of Elephant Songs, my ongoing project in which musicians from different backgrounds meet and create original music together. This time, the backdrop was Suleymaniyah, the economic heart of Iraqi Kurdistan … [...]

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Waiting for Erik Gustafson of EPIC to talk about elephant songs for his Iraq Matters podcast over more than decent espresso at the Rand Gallery, Suleymaniyah. It’s the second day of Eid … [...]

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teatime with the people

After arriving in hot and bone-dry Suleymaniyah I unpacked half my backpack, met up with the musicians (happy reunions and pleasant nice-to-meet-yous), and we started working. We had a week to come up with a repertoire … [...]

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elephant on the road

First time I’m on an airplane in a long time (my last flight was a domestic Indian Anand-Delhi blitzrun more than a year ago when I unexpectedly needed a No Objection Certificate from the Dutch Embassy to obtain a visa for Pakistan, the first country to cross after leaving India on my way to the lowlands on an old motorcycle loaded with drums) … [...]

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