baker boys


gábor hartyáni (cello and electronics) & robbert van hulzen (drums etc)
gábor hartyáni (cello and electronics) & robbert van hulzen (drums etc)

upcoming shows

no upcoming shows at the moment

The Baker Boys are Gábor Hartyáni on electrified, effectified, looped cello and Robbert van Hulzen on drums and other hittables. Since meeting at Katie Duck’s summer workshop in 2015, they worked together in a variety of combinations, from improvised music and dance with the Berliner collective snow treasure figure bones to world music with hang player Hanguman and started working as a duo at the invitation of the Inkijkmuseum‘s Fête de la Musique 2017. Groovy duets with a world music flavour, spiced up with tasty electronics.

past shows

Date City Venue
5 May
alchemist’s garden amsterdam
23 November
muganga amsterdam
part of an instant composition night organised by manuela tessi and nicolle vieira

21 June
fête de la musique @ inkijkmuseum eindhoven

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