horse in me


horse in me plays indiefolk involving frozen tundras & running horses.
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leela may stokholm (words, voice)
jornt duyx (guitars & knobs)
robbert van hulzen (percussion)

upcoming shows

no upcoming shows at the moment

horse in me, film by annabel hesselink

past shows

Date City Venue
30 July
de ruimte amsterdam
benefiet voor de ruimte met ook oa ziv taubenfeld & nicolas chientaroli en sahand sahebdivani

13 July
de kring amsterdam
25 June
rood|noot utrecht
also playing: nunq, williams & hartyáni & van hulzen

22 November
rood|noot utrecht
22 August
buitenkunst randmeer dronten
27 June
rood|noot utrecht
leela may stokholm – voice, lyrics jornt duyx – guitar, electronics robbert van hulzen – drums etc

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