elephant songs 2013 – kurdistan


Elephant Songs is a band with an always changing line-up. Two new musicians from north Iraq and two old Iranian friends join drummer Robbert van Hulzen in Suleymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan. Together they created an evening of music. A half hour documentary was made, portraying the friendship, the music, the concert, the city. And stroopwafels.





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selected elephant songs 2013 – kurdistan

past shows

Date artist City Venue
10 October
elephant songs caffe11 suleymaniyah
savel fatih (iraqi kurdistan) sax, kaveh kamjou (irani kurdistan) oud, ari ali (iraq) bass, arash lotfi (iran) percussion, robbert van hulzen (nl) drums

8 October
elephant songs l’école française suleymaniyah
7 October
elephant songs chaikhana shaeb suleymaniyah

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