psychedelic modal world jazz

david mitchell (guitars, uyghur string instruments)
gábor hartyáni (cello)
robbert van hulzen (percussion)

hartyáni & van hulzen
grooves & textures

gábor hartyáni (cello & electronics)
robbert van hulzen (drums etc)

horse in me
indiefolk involving frozen tundras & running horses

leela may stokholm (words, voice)
jornt duyx (guitars & knobs)
robbert van hulzen (percussion)

ensemble gending
new music for javanese gamelan

many projects in europe, tours in indonesia, albums on bvhaast and cnm classics, commissioned compositions by dutch, indonesian, and other composers, collaborations with many other artists including daisy bell, henk bakker, lukas simonis, wu wei, cağlayan yildiz, bmb con

photo by cora sens (c) 2015
show your hope
paintings & stories

martin voorbij (stories)
robbert van hulzen (music)


dolan jones (violin)
michael stratz (double bass)
robbert van hulzen (percussion)

elephant songs
musical journeys & cultural collaborations beyond borders; see musical journeys for more information & documentation
work with other disciplines

In his work with artists from other disciplines, including theatre group De Maan and film maker Dave Zijlstra, he mixes his percussion with homemade electronics, to either produce the music live or create soundtracks or (interactive) installations.

In zijn werk met andere disciplines, waaronder projecten met theatergroep De Maan en filmmaker Dave Zijlstra, gebruikt hij naast slagwerk ook zelfgemaakte electronica om de muziek live te produceren of om soundtracks of interactieve installaties te creëren.

bg nrs. 287-298 – soundtrack made with max/msp and a kalimba

de 8e verdieping, a film by dave zijlstra (fagment) – soundtrack made with manipulated gamelan samples

de 8e verdieping, a film by dave zijlstra (fagment) – soundtrack made with manipulated gamelan samples

presentation of theatre farm rood | noot – produced in one night with my computer’s inbuilt midi and a royal helping of the green blessing

collaborations from earlier lives

gallery jazz

oto.3 brings together jazz, sound research, and chamber music
maarten visser (saxophones, composition)
holger jetter (electric bass violin)
robbert van hulzen (drums etc)

the phillip project
phillip’s explorations of freedom, feeling like a superhero, and an eternal discotheque trapped in perpetual spring time

shows in amsterdam, boston, den haag, and rotterdam in 2008-10
michael jahoda (dance)
giulia mureddu (dance)
alfredo genovesi (guitar)
robbert van hulzen (drums etc)

lola montez
math punk

performances in 2010-11, album why this kolaveri?
lola montez was an initiative of floris van bergeijk (guitar, composition) and ariadna rubio lleo (voice)

rara avis
abstract folk music inspired by south indian rhythms, melodies from the renaissance, free improv and homebuilt electronics

dutch and north-american (edmonton through san francisco) tours and residencies (banff, atlantic center for the arts), album one fell swoop on karnatic lab records in 2008
terri hron (recorders, electronics)
robbert van hulzen (drums etc, electronics)

beautiful brown eyes

john dikeman (saxophones)
peter huber (trumpet)
marcello windolph (contrabass)
robbert van hulzen (drums etc)

magpie & duck projects
improvised music & dance

merlijn twaalfhoven
multimedia happenings at adm, paradiso, springdance, 013, oosterpoort etc.

most unpleasant men
interesting pop music, ep funnel in 2003

dance duo plus drums, playing outside

busstop fetishists
instrumentale rock die verder gaat waar zappa en henry cow zich al lang weer omgedraaid hebben

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